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Historical sights and natural beuties of Slovakia
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If you could take our Earth in your hand and examine it with a strong magnifying glass, you would find, that Slovakia is a tiny territory with what is perhaps the highest concentration of beauty. Slovakian history is European history. Historical finds dating from the earliest periods of human settlement, archeological finds from the times of Roman Empire and monumental foundations of basilicas dating from the Great Moravian Empire prove the early existence of highly developed cultures at the area of todays Slovakia.
Among the first inhabitants were Slavonic tribes who came before 7th century. The first territory was Samo`s empire, estabilished in the year 628. In the 8th century arised the Great Moravian Empire.
Later, Slovaks were conquared by the Hungarians who occupied them for over thousand years. In 1918, after the Austro – Hungarian monarchy broke down, independent Czechoslovak republik was formed. After the Munich dictate CSR was split and Slovak fascisist state with president Jozef Tiso was created. But thanks to the Slovak National Uprising (29.8.1944) our position changed to winners. After the WWII CSR was renewed but under the communist dictatorship. In 1968 CSSR was changed into a federal state and new process of democratization (known as Prague Spring) led by Alexander Dubcek was stopped by invasion of the Warsaw Pact troops in August. The years of normalization followed. In November 1989 so called Velvet Revolution changed almost everything. The new Slovak republic was estabilished on 1st of January 1993.

A relatively small territory is situated in the heart of Europe. Slovakia contains an immense source of natural, cultural and historical monuments. Who comes here even if for a short time, sees the countryside, visits typical villages and towns with historical sights and buildings. Natural beauty, favorable condition for summer and winter vacation, beautiful caves, thermal and mineral natural springs with healting effects, water areas, cultural and historical monuments, interesting castles and houses, typical lively folk architecture, folk art and folklore - all this can Slovakia offer to its visitors all year round.

Slovakia is largely a mountanious country. Only in the southren and sout–eastern there are the extensive lowlands : Záhorska, Podunajská and Výchotoslovenská. The lowest point of Slovakia is located near the town Streda nad Bodrogom (94m above the sea level).
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