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Slovaks and their tolerance towards other nations and races
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Slovaks, as well as other nations, are obliged to be tolerant to each different person, as well as to each other. Tolerance is the basic aspect of a functional society, without it none can even exist. However, there are many problems mainly in countries not yet that cosmopolitan and I certainly regard Slovakia as one of those. First of all, the main issue of Slovakian tolerance, or let us better say, intolerance, is the growing number of Roma people in the country, side by side with the strengthening of their political power and thus also the increasing demands. In today’s capitalist society unemployed people not willing to find the work are a great burden for the whole country. And this characterisation fits to the majority of Roma people in Slovakia and it is hard not to make this connection automatically. However, it is not “right” to judge people accordingly to their racial (or other) adherence. All people are individuals and so they should be approached to. Therefore, positive discrimination is not in place either. Although this problem is the hottest one, there are other rising out lately. In the western part of the country it is more and more usual to meet someone with black skin. And unfortunately, there are more and more crimes appearing, connected with racial intolerance and hatered. This is a pure madness, these people have done no harm to us even if we regard them a whole race. Other nations have some problems too. Hungarians gained many advantages through their political power, but the price was high. Slovaks from both northern and central parts of the country cannot stay any person with that “special accent”. And there is nothing to do with it when even politics yell their populist watchwords against the minorities uninhibited. It seems the majority of all Slovaks does not see any advantage in being tolerant and live side by side with other nations and races. But the truth is, there are customs and traditions that can be useful to all of us. Not in the material way, but still, is not the psychical and intellectual richness more worth it, fully worth tolerating small visual differences? I definitely think so.
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