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The Chernobyl Disaster
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The production of electricity using nuclear power was initially thought to be a scientific and engineering miracle. It was predicted that nuclear power would make electricity so cheap that it would be available to everyone. However, on April 25th, 1986, an accident at the nuclear reactor at Chernobyl in the Ukraine changed the future of nuclear power. The nuclear plant at Chernobyl was Soviet built, and according to engineers who investigated the accident, it was not properly constructed or engineered. The results of this accident were widespread. The radioactivity spread all over Eastern Europe. In this report I will discuss the following issues about Chernobyl.

1. Before the disaster
2. During the Disaster
3. Situation after disaster and first fatalities
4. Situation today
5. Political situation
6. People from Chernobyl today
7. Geography of Chernobyl
8. Economy
a) Economy of Ukraine
b) Shutting off Chernobyl electric plant and economic problems.
9. Health effects from Chernobyl on:
a) Ukraine
b) Belarus and surrounding states
10. Radiation effects on human health
11. How to prevent similar accidents
12. Could a “Chernobyl” happen in Hawaii?

1. Before the disaster

Customarily, tests are run on different sections of a new electric plant 6 months after it is finished. However Chernobyl didn’t wait, because the plans stated everything must be completed by the end of 1983.
Director Brjuchanov was forced to sign documents on December 31, 1983 stating all tests were successful.
One of the missed tests was on an emergency operated turbine. When the reactor breaks down, the turbine must make electricity for at least 45 seconds, and then it turns on emergency generators.
This 45 seconds of electricity is a priority for safety reactors because it drives cooling pumps, regulation and accidents bars. This neglected test played a part in the night from April 25-26th, 1986 and this was one reason for the Chernobyl disaster.

2. during the Disaster

It all started one day before the incident. The test was conducted as follows:
The performance reactor was turned down to 25-30% of its production (700-1000 Megawatt warmest).
This is the lowest point of performance for this type of reactors.
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