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Giving someone a new life is a wonderful thing and it is also a beginning of a new experience. There is always a big rush in the family and parents of a new-born baby start to prepare themselves for Christening.

Christening is important from a religious point of view. Godparents should educate their godchildren and they should be able to look after them at any time or to become their foster parents.

As years go by and child grows up there comes another big break for her/him. It’s the first day at school. When I was about six years old my parents gave me my first proper school bag and a lot of coloured pencils and ink pen as well. It was a big moment for me. In the opening ceremony older school mates gave us some flowers and sweets and we went to our new classrooms and after all my mum took me and my sister to a confectionery were I could choose anything I wanted to.

Before students take their leaving exams they organize a green ribbon party. It takes part in November or December. Students send the greetings to their friends and family members. Together with their headteacher book a hall in a hotel or a restaurant and invite the teachers, headmaster, parents and friends to enjoy this moment with them. Nowadays it’s quite popular to go abroad and students receive their green ribbons somewhere in a fancy place. But if they don’t go anywhere first there’s an official ceremony where students sing student’s anthem Gaudeamus Igitur and receive a green ribbons from their headteacher. Green ribbon is a symbol of hope that leaving exams will be successfully passed. They wear it on coats to show that they’ll take their leaving exams. After an official part students show off themselves in an entertaining program. People dance a lot, has a nice supper and a lots of cakes. This party usually finishes on the other day early in the morning.

A few months after a green ribbon party, becomes another big day for the students and their parents. Students take their leaving exams. After two weeks of torture students have an official ceremony and they can decide whether they want to continue with their studies or they want to get employed. Families usually organize a small party with a lot of food and only close relatives are invited. Students normally receive the presents from parents and grandparents sometimes from godparents, too.

After the graduating the university, school organizes an official graduation ceremony where successful students get a degree in a subject they’ve studied.
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