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There are many different ways to soothe the baby and it depends on mother how is she able to reach the best effect.

Despite all these things mother has to find some spare time to go out for a walk, to play with the baby, to educate her/him and look after the baby’s health.

So if you imagine doing all these things twenty-four hours a day including running the household you can see that it’s quite difficult and tiring. But there are some mothers who don’t want to stay at home with their new-born baby but they want to pursue their own career. In this case the families which can afford it have an au-pair. But there’s a big danger that mother can easily loose the touch with her own child. In Slovakia this isn’t so common and mothers try to spend as much time as it’s possible with their own children. 5. Wedding

Wedding is a big day for two people who decided to get married. Before the wedding day a lot of preparations have to be done. First of all young couple should get this resolution to know to all their family and friends so they choose the form of wedding announcement and wedding invitation and get them printed. Then they have to book a hotel or a restaurant where the wedding reception will take a part then flowers, the bouquet for the bride has to be done, DJ or live band, photographer and the bus and cars should be booked, cakes can be ordered or home-made. Bride can book her wedding dress or she can have it done or simply she can borrow it.

The future husband should buy a wedding rings. Before the wedding day bride and bridegroom have the separate parties to farewell with their freedom. The bride’s friends organize a hen party only for women and bridegroom’s friends organize a stag party just for the men. The official part is organized in a registry office and it can continue in a church. There are many people who take part in this official ceremony such as bride’s maids who are usually small girls carrying bride’s trail then the best man and wedding guests and friends. The unofficial ceremony is a wedding reception where wedding guests as well as bride and bridegroom have a nice meal and drinks and they enjoy themselves. This wedding reception lasts to the late morning hours. After the wedding day young married couple goes on a honeymoon. 6. Married couples

Starting one’s family is a very serious thing. When two people decide to join their lives together they should know each other well in any way. The best age for to get married is in the twenties, but nowadays this age has increased. Everything depends on two persons whether they feel mature enough for such a big step in their lives. It’s more common that two young people prefer to live together for couple of months or even years so they can leave each other at any time.
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