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1. Introduction

Hobby is a way how to spend a free time and how to relax and to do something that you enjoy. It is also an activity, which keeps you busy and fills up your free time. It gives you a pleasure from what you do and it’s always up to you what you choose and you don’t have to pay for it if you don’t want to.

To have a hobby is a very important thing because it gives people a space for an outlet from daily routines and problems. People have a need to realize themselves in a different ways than it’s their steady job. For young children and teenagers it is the way to develop their skills and talent and of course keep them away from bad things as for example drugs, alcohol or bad company.

2. Sorting hobbies

We can sort hobbies from many different points of view but the very basic sorting is to divide hobbies into girls´ and boys´ ones and men´s and women´s hobbies.

One half of young girls take delight in dancing. They are able to spend hours on training trying various figures and steps and they are proud when people talk about them. The other half is obsessed by singing. They have a clear vision of their future career. All of them are influenced by young teenagers from television screen, dressed in fancy dresses, having a weird hair style and dancing as this would be the last minute of their life.

Another hobby, which drives girls crazy, is keeping a pet. Nowadays it’s very fashionable to have a dog, a cat or a white rabbit. To keep a pet is very useful especially if the child is the only child. The pet keeps a company and it gives its owner and opportunity to find and get to know new friends. Other things which boys find very boring are reading the books and needlework. These two things are time consuming but as for needlework this is very useful activity especially when a girl is clever and she makes a lot of nice things. Many girls have a weakness for sports as a volleyball, basketball or athletics. But all girls are dedicated chatterboxes. You can all imagine how long they are able to talk about everything you wouldn’t even dream about. But people consider women´s chatting and talking as the one of the most powerful weapons against men.

As for boys´ hobbies they divide their free time among the football, ice hockey, computer games, internet and bodybuilding. These activities depend on the seasons. You can notice many ice-hockey players on the yard when there’s an ice-hockey championship on TV and mostly in winter.
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