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Unusual (extreme) sports
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They were the first people who jumped from the bridge in Bristol, on a homemade bungee cord.
Over the last few years, a couple of the club's members have been seeking to design and build the Human Catapult. The Human Catapult is based on the same design as the medieval trebuchets that were military weapons. They were used in Siege Warfare when they were used to throw stones over the walls of a fortress.
When you would like to test it you had to fill out the usual paperwork and then you were weighed. After this you get the safety equipment that include a harness, a kidney belt, neck brace and a crash helmet. You can get extra protection - a padded shirt and heavy work boots. Then they give you the safety briefing. You have to roll yourself up into a ball and don't unroll until you have stopped bouncing on the safety net. They fix you, count to 3 and then you fly for 3 to 4 seconds at around 70 km/h. ZORBING

What is a zorb? The zorb is a large inflatable ball that people climb into and then roll down a hill inside it. The original idea came from the UK, but it has the biggest success in New Zealand.
There are two different types of zorbs. You can try either a dry zorb or a wet zorb. Both types sit at the top of a steep, grassy hill and are started by a very kind guy who pushes your zorb over the top. With the dry zorb, you are securely fixed in and then rolled over the top then you roll and bounce your way down the hill. The dry zorb is a lot of fun and is definitely worth trying. Over against the wet zorb is a totally different type of ride to the dry one. With this one, you are not fixed in and you are running like a hamster in its wheel. The challenge is to remain upright all the way. It sounds easy but it is very hard because they throw some warm soapy water inside. As you can imagine things get a little bit slippery. ← On this picture you can see, that the person (known as "the Zorbonaut") has got about 0,7 m of air between him and the ground. This air protection keeps him safe as he comes down of a hill at speeds of up to 50 km/hour. What does the zorb look like?
The original zorb is 3,2 metres in outside diameter, 1,8 metres inner diameter. The Zorb weighs around 75 kg. It is made of PVC that is very strong and resistant. The zorb takes around 5 - 7 minutes to inflate.
You can try a special zorb for cold conditions that is made from special PVC made to withstand sub-zero temperatures. This sport has many admirers among children so they can try the children-zorb that is 2,2 metres in outside diameter and 1,2 metres in inside diameter. It is perfect for children between 3 and 12.
You can try various types of zorbs.
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