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Unusual (extreme) sports
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Do you remember the scene in the movie Medicine Man, starring Sean Connery, where him and the other scientist go flying through the treetops of rainforests hanging from harnesses fixed to ropes? It is what canopying is all about. This adventure sport is latest fun in Costa Rica and in the rest of the world where you can find the rain forests. If the fact of flying through treetops at 40 meters from the ground seems to you as frightening and exciting idea, just imagine what it must be like to do it among the tree tops of the tropical rain forests. The sport was originated from rappelling, which is a sport derived from mountain climbing in that it also uses safety climbing harnesses and ropes to displace the person from one point to another. The technique was developed by scientists in the US to study the canopies (upper parts of trees) in forests without disturbing the life in the limbs and trunk by having to attach ladders or climbing equipment to the tree. It was not long before the growing tourist industry in Costa Rica took notice of this technique and decided that it was a very good activity for the tourists. Now, over 10 companies offer this type of adventure sport in different parts of the Costa Rican rainforest. Canopying is a sport that poses risks to your health but you would discover many creatures that inhabit only those areas. Some companies will even let you camp overnight in the platforms at the top of the trees. If you would like to test this sport you need the following things the light raincoat, the light clothes, the camera, the binoculars, the insect repellent and of course an adventurous spirit. The company supplies all other equipment. I think that this sport is something you will remember for the rest of your life and something you will want to do again. HUMAN CATAPULT

The Human Catapult falls into the category of "Dangerous Sports" too. Like all of these sports, there is a big danger of injure or death. It happened on November 2002, when a young man was killed when he attended this activity. The organisers of the Human Catapult have now stopped it and it is unknown if it will be re-open.
A Human Catapult! Who would come up with such a crazy idea? It has to be the members of The Dangerous Sports Club from England. The Dangerous Sports Club has been doing crazy things since the 1970´s. These are the guys to blame for the bungee jump.
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