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– functions of PSS are to spread knowledge about the latest development of science and technology among the lay public – becomes affected by colloquial and publicists style, belletry style

Characteristic features: additional information, very remarkable didactic elements, shorter sentences, expressive language, synonyms, paraphrases, more emotionally colored language; terminology – the number of terms in the text is minimized, rather words of general meanings, used terms are explained or followed by an example; instead of abbreviations, use the whole word or expressions; scientific style becomes popularized by means of media; in style closer to description


Forms and Functions: to communicate scientifically determined knowledge effectively, clearly in words of certain meanings; functions is mainly written, monological utterance, textbooks, scientific studies, research, case studies, lack of extra linguistic context (gesture, intonation), formal unity and wholeness of the utterance, less complex syntax (lack of expressive constructions), condensed utterance

Characteristic features: lack of extra linguistic context (intonation, gestures), formal unity and wholeness of the utterance, less complex syntax (lack of expressive constructions) condensed utterance; usage of passive construction, objective views, focus on particular data and phenomena e.g. passive constructions frequently used with suppose, assume, presume, conclude, infer, point out, emphasize, inferred, impersonal point of view; usage of modal verbs – statements are presented carefully, sometimes lose their modal character, should preferred to must, modals used primarily in hypotheses and drawing conclusions; characteristic constructions; usage of participles, gerunds and infinitives, e.g. friction losses, steam consumption, steam corrosion inhibition – hard to translate; usage of terms – elimination of emotionality and expressiveness, terms specific to each branch of science, some terms can circulate among the branches of science and gain new meanings, new terms become established quite fast – coining, terms should be followed or proceeded by explanation, usage of Latin terms, abbreviations, usage of quotations and reverences – definite compositional pattern; defining – simple, active, affirmative, declarative sentences, relative clauses, definitions are a kind of clincher sentences; logical sequence of utterance – clear indication of interrelations and interdependence, e.g.
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