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– not considered a stylistic error, it is one of the norms characteristic for colloquial style; syntactical features – dropping of the pronominal subject, especially in the first person singular, but also in the third person – must be supported by particular context, occurrence of a complex sentence of the copulative type regarded useful in colloquial style; colloquial or slangy phrases or lexical items;


Forms and functions: fiction, epics, lyrics, drama, not factually oriented literature pieces, also an essay, which is a transitory literary work on the borderline between fiction and non-fiction literature; functions – to arouse emotions, to stimulate people’s thinking, imagination to entertain, etc.; very frequently can mix elements characteristic of all the other styles or use at least parts of them; functions - communication and aesthetic effect, which is achieved by poeticisation contributed by the artist’s creative talent as well as his mastery of certain stylistic processes

Characteristic features: highly emotional, subjective, expressive or onomatopoetic; focus on structure which helps to create a tone, a particular effect, to evoke emotions, to support the theme, etc.; some literary pieces have strictly defined form and characteristic lay-out, especially in poetry; kinds of meaning writers use: literal meaning, figurative meaning, symbolic meaning, ironic meaning, compromises different sub styles

III. Conclusion

One very important feature of good style is that it must be entirely appropriate for the task it is performing. This means that the author must take into account audience, form, and function. Style might be good, yet hardly noticeable - because it is concentrated on effective communication. This is sometimes known as 'transparent' good style. In most writing however, 'good style' is normally associated with verbal inventiveness and clever manipulation of the elements of literary language. Style, in any kind of speech or writing, is extremely important to the overall function of communication. The style is appropriate to the context in which it occurs. A discordant style is produced by the inclusion of a feature, which does not fit the stylistic context of the piece.
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