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English speaking countries
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Great Britain

Great Britain is situated on the British Isles lying off the Northwest coast of Europe. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the Northwest, north and Southwest, and is separated from the European continent by the North Sea, and the English Channel. On the west, the Irish sea and North Channel separate Great Britain from Ireland. The country has a mild and rainy climate, determined by the warm current of the Gulf Stream. The prevailing winds are south-westerly. Rain is regularly distributed throughout the year. The coldest months are January and February. The population of Great Britain is more than 56 million people. It is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. The largest cities of Great Britain are London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Bristol, Leeds and Edinburgh. Great Britain is an industrialised country. Major industries include iron and steel engineering (including motor vehicles and aircraft), textiles, plastics, cotton, chemicals, electronics, wool, shipbuilding and food products. Coal is Britain’s leading mineral resource and coal mining is the country’s most important extractive industry. Natural gas, large quantities of which have been discovered in the North sea, is another major mineral resource. The chief agricultural products are wheat, barley, oats, potatoes, sugar beet, milk, and meat.

Great Britain comprises England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. It includes four Nations: English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish people differ sometimes in their way of life, customs, values and traditions. Both in Wales and Scotland there are some demands for more recognition of their national distinctions. England

England occupies the largest, southern part of Great Britain. The Southwest and west are largely plains, hills, and moors. The principal mountains are The Pennines, running from the N. Midlands to the Scottish border, the Cornish heights in the Southwest, The Cheviot Hills, lying on the border between England and Scotland, and the Cumbrian mountains in the Lake District. The east is mainly an open, cultivated plain. England has about 47 million inhabitants in 50 000 square miles. The country is divided into 39 counties. Lancashire, Yorkshire, Warwickshire, Hampshire, Kent, Cheshire, Durham, Essex and Sussex are the largest and the most populated.
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