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The Amish People
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Amish are a group of people who follow a branch of the Christian religion which has many rules about behaviour, e.g they must wear a centain kind of clothing and must not use machinery. They live mainly in the American states of Pennsylvania and Ohio. The emigration of Amish people from Europe to the U.S.A.The majority
of them left their country Switzerland. The main reason for their leaving was similar to that of the Pilgrim Fathers and other religious groups. They lacked religious tolerance in their homecountry and left because of religious persecution. After their coming to the States they settled in the religions in which there were
favourable conditions for farming. Recently their communities are in the states of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana. Their number is estimated to be about a hundred thousand. A visit to the Amish area is in some ways like a trip back in time.Here, everything moves at a slower, calmer, more peaceful pace. Due to its rolling hills, green valles and spectacular views, this scenic area is often described as “Switzerland without mountains“! It is not only the scenery, it's the people and their lifestyle that give this area its unquite charakter. As the world rapidly changes all around us,this area remains unchanged. The Amish families are farming still in the same manner as their forefathers did. Dark buggies and large teams are pulled by trotters along country roads.The farms with spotlless homes without TV antennas pose behind large gardens. Children have their chores to do and walk miles to one-room school houses, ofter barefood. They don't have cars, telephones or electric poles. Is is so quit there. The Amish have high regard for good neighbours. When one needs help,they come and stay until the job is done.
They maintain strict standards of clothing. It is a problem to tell one man from other as they all look much alike with their long beards and hats. The women are dressed in black or greyish dresses with aprons and typical Dutch bonnots. They are known to be great cooks, with homemade healthy ingredients. On Sundays morning they attend church services regularly and remain there with neighbours into the afternoon. Amish love their land and their live. There are at peace with Lord, and smiles easily there.
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