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Football match
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Good evening dear fans,
welcome on the Old Trafford in Manchester. We will see the football match between English club Manchester United a Spanish team FC Barcelona. It is contest of Champion´s League. We recognize the best team of Europe in year 2 000. It is 2045 o ´clock and the referee starts the game. Cole passes to Giggs. He passes the ball to captain Roy Keane. He shots long centre to the Beckham. He shots very strongly, but goalkeeper of FC Barcelona saved the ball. It was incredible intervention. The goalkeeper kicks the ball after middle – line. There Figo, the most expensive player in the world, takes the ball and he passes it to Guardiola. He tries to shot and goalkeeper of Manchester United, Frenchman Fabien Barthez, made big error and Guardiola scores the goal. The referee blows a pipe. The players are very happy. They are nearer to win Champion´s League. Only 15 minutes remain to the end of this match. Englishman Gary Neville has a big chance to score a goal and to decide the game. But he missed the goal. On the other side, Hagi can score. He will kick penalty because Popescu was fouled by Scholes. He gets yellow card. Hagi is very nervous. He kicked and great save by Barthez. The referee ends this football match. It finished 1 : 0 for FC Barcelona, which is the best team in Europe in year 2 000. Fans are very happy and they celebrate winner. Thank you for watching and see you next season.
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