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About London
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London is the 9th largest city in the world. It is situated on the river Thames. London attracts million of visitors and is a centre of political, economic, cultural and commercial life. Transport You can travel by bus, train, the underground (which is the oldest in the world) or taxi to get to different places in the centre and around the town. The most typical means of transport for tourists is a red double – decker bus. London has 3 main airports: Heathrow which is the biggest, Gatwick and Stansted.
There are many places of interest.
1. Houses of Parliament were built in the Gothic style. This building is about 100 years old. The buildings were destroyed by fire in 1666. It is the seat of the British parliament. There is also a famous clock tower Big Ben named after Benjamin Hall – one of the ministers.
2. 10 Downing Street it’s the official home of every British prime minister.
3. Trafalgar square is known especially for the Nelson´ s column. It was named to commemorate the victory of the British at the battle of Trafalgar. On the top of the column is the statue of Admiral (Nelson), who won the battle, but died.
4. Another attractive building is Buckingham Palace. It was built by Duke of Buckingham in the 18th century as a country house. At present it is a residence of the Queen Elizabeth II. One of the biggest London´ s parades is Changing the Guard here when everyday at 11.30 guards in full dress uniform perform the ceremony.
5. St. Paul´ s Cathedral is one of the largest cathedrals in the world. It stands in the City. Old cathedral was built during the Norman times. Nelson, Chaucer and others are buried here. The cathedral is known for its whispering gallery, standing on this gallery you can clearly hear what is whispered on the opposite 107 feet far from you. In 1981 Prince Charles and Lady Diana were married here.
6. Right in the heart of London there is Piccadilly Circus. There stands the famous statue of Eros, Greek god of love. It’s also centre of entertainment and shopping. Another famous shopping centres are Regent Street, Oxford Street and Bond Street.
7. Another traditional sight is the Tower of London. It was built by William the Conqueror in the 11th century. At different times it was a fortress, a royal palace, a prison and even the royal zoo. It is a museum now and Crown jewels are kept here.
8. Tower Bridge is one of the most famous symbols of London. It was built only in the past century.
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