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Why Czechoslovakians immigrated
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The immigration of Czechoslovakians was over a vast amount of time. It took place from about 1848 to about the 1930's. The revolutions in Europe occurred in 1848; this encouraged the Czechs to leave. Some of the other reasons were to enjoy the blessing of their freedom and to escape agricultural and industrial depression. The Czechs made up about 65% of Czechoslovakia so this made a big difference when many of the Czechs left their land. The Slovaks only made up about 30%, and the Germans, the Hungarians, and the Ukrainians made up about 5%. Most of the Bohemian immigrants were very poor, and few were laborers. The Czechs were more advanced in their education and were more high tech than the Slovaks. Most Czechs belonged to the agricultural, trading and working classes.
The Czechs were driven from their homes by over populated towns, excessive taxation, bad years, and low wages. The southern part of Bohemia, District of Tabor, where the soil was very bad, sent a large quota of immigrants to America. The US offered great opportunities for new jobs and freedom for their own religions.
In America, the St. Louis Czech colony was the oldest colony, while Chicago's Czech colony was the largest, but which of course of the agriculture settlements, Wisconsin was the oldest Czech colony in the country. Other areas settled were; Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. After the Bohemians arrived to the US, part of them stayed Catholic and some began to change their religion. The different religions each had their own newspaper, societies, halls, and schools etc. The Czechoslovakians nationalism and customs suffered to a great extent due to the separation of religions.
The Czechs made up about 3.6% of Nebraska in 1995. Their communities centered around churches. The main counties that the Czechs settled in were Douglas, Saunders, Butler, Colfax, and Saline. Every Czech town had a band or orchestra in it because they are known to be "The land of musicians." The Czechs were known for their fraternization. Over all the Czechs make up a very large cultural background to Omaha and our religions.
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