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Images of Slovakia poster project
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My intendend audience
I will send my poster all over the world to schools, colleges and travel agencies. People and children abroad will see the poster and recognise the traditional images I show of Slovakia. They will also get a good impression of what Slovak life is like today

Typically Slovak
Many people think of Slovakia and immediately think of Hight Tatras. So I felt it was important to choose one characteristic image of High Tatras. I choose Ski parks because that are the places where people can relax or have a winter holiday. And our Ski parks are also quite cheep for abroad tourists. I decided not to include other places for relax because they don`t symbolise character of the mountains as much as possible. Many people think of Slovak grandmums (living in North Slovakia) wearing a national costumes. I agree that I should include the national costumes, however, because it says something about the culture. I thought I ought to include an image of food or drink. Our traditional drink is brandy made from special berries and it´s called ´borovička´ and our traditional food are dumplings with special sheep cheese – bryndza and they are called ´bryndzové halušky´. Slovak culture today
I would to include also one particular Slovak band ´Elán´ because they are most popular. I opted to mention ice-hockey. Slovakia has very good players who play in many countries all over the world. A country of cultures
Finally, I made a decision to put a photo of my friends and me in the poster because I believe that young people have an important part to play in Slovak life. I considered that it was really important to show that Slovakia is a multi – cultural society, which makes it such a fascinating place.
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