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Do you know, that all children have official rights and that includes you?
People who love all children in the world, not only their own, decided to do something.
In 1989 they agreed on the convection on the rights of the child. This document has been accepted by 191 countries. According to it all children in the world have the right to protection, care, food and clean water, education and medical care. And, it doesn´t matter where they live or what color their skin is. Children are born to be loved and cared for by their families. Children are born to play in peace and to learn about our world through games.
Have you ever thought about children in need?
Children whose problems are far away from peaceful games. Yes, unfortunately our world is not fair to all children on our planet. There are a lot of babies born every day who will probably never enjoy what is usual for you.
Can you imagine that millions of children in the word have to face to problems of
-leaving heir homes
-losing their parents
-illnesses because of no medical care
-work instead of achool
There are adults who feel responsible for the smallest in the world. These adults, unfortunately, can´t stop wars and remove all the problems with a miracle stick. But they feel concern and they work hard to help. That is why they fouded UNICEF- The United Nations Children´s Fund. It was in 1946. The idea was to help children in European countries that had been devastated during the Second World War. Now UNICEF works in over 160 countries worldwide, because the problems of children are worldwide:
Can you imagine that you are hungry and there is nothing to eat? No fridge, no supermarket, no money. Incredible!
Did you know that there are children in the world who starve and die or hunger?
Safe water
It can´t be a problem. There is enough water in the kitchen, bathroom, rivers and lakes, you know this. But it is a serious problem. There are places on our planet where millions of children die every year because of hunger and lack of clean water.
Medical care
You have doctors who have taken care of you since birth. And maybe you don´t like them because of vaccinations.
Just imagine, 2 million children worldwide under five die every year because they have no medical care. Lost children
When war breaks out, children suffer the most. In the chaos children can accidentally be separated from their parents.
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