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My trip to the USA - Las Vegas (rozprávanie)
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All around us were many hotels, streets, bars, casinos but in the distance there were only desert and darkness. In the morning we went to explore the city. When we came to the maquette of Eiffel tower it was breathtaking view. Next attraction we went to see was The Luxor resort, with a 10-story replica of Egypt’s Great Sphinx and 30-story replica of an Egyptian pyramid. It is one of the Las Vegas’s extravagant fantasy worlds. Other hotels feature a roller coaster atop a skyscraper and a replica of a volcano that erupts. We went on one roller coaster called ,,New York“ and it was marvellous. After the ride we were so hungry that we went to Red Loobster for Lunch. Food was really delicious and rich. After lunch we went to Specialty museums includeing the Liberace Museum (a museum dedicated to the flamboyant 20th-century Las Vegas performer) and the Guinness World of Records Museum. Other museums in Las Vegas include the Nevada State Museum and Historical Society, which features exhibits on Nevada’s history from 12,000 bc to 1950; the Las Vegas Natural History Museum, which houses wildlife and dinosaur exhibits; and the Las Vegas Art Museum. After this cultural destruction we went back to our hotel. We ate our dinner and went to casino. If you are under 21 you can walk in casino`s only on marked carpets. Otherwise you will be kicked out. So we just passed throught the casino. It was late night when we came back to our hotel from the town. It was the best day of our lives.
My opinion of this trip is wery high.The weather was great the people were incredible and I´m very thankfull my host family for taking mee to such beautifull city.
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