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My trip to the USA - Las Vegas (rozprávanie)
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My trip to the USA started on 29th.of July. In the morning I ate breakfast and then checked if all my things were packed. When I was absolutely sure that I had everything I would need for surviving, I left my house. My father drove me to the airport in Bratislava. Flight to Los Angeles airport took about 13 hours. In the plane I was thinking about my new host family, life in the USA and other things. I was so impatient to see my new family. After I got out from the Airport, my English teacher drove me to the area in Los Angeles where I was supposed to meet my new family. I was so tired and happy that I’m finally at the place. My host family came to pick me up. They picked me up and drove me to my new house. I was happy as a sand boy when I saw the whole family. My new host brother was 18 and his sister 17 years old. On the next day we decided that it would be a good idea to check some cool places. I suggested going to see the Hollywood. But my brother came with much better idea - Las Vegas. ,,Viva Las Vegas˝. We all agreed with this place. Bright neon lights shine through the night in Las Vegas, Nevada, advertising casinos, hotels, clubs, bars, and other businesses. Las Vegas was a small town until gangster Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel changed the city’s character forever by constructing its first lavish hotel-casino in 1945. Now known as the “Entertainment Capital of the World,” Las Vegas attracts tourists from all over the world. Las Vegas (Nevada), city in southern Nevada. The seat of Clark County, Las Vegas is located in the Las Vegas Valley, a desert surrounded by the Spring Mountains and the Sierra Nevada. Las Vegas serves as the center of one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the United States. Its population has multiplied by a factor of 30 since the 1940s—more than that of any other major American city. Las Vegas is renowned for tourism, gaming, a dry and vigorous climate, and an assortment of indoor and outdoor recreational activities. After some time of preparation we packed our things and were ready for our trip. The journey was very long and exhausting for all of us. On the way we stopped at Wendy’s to eat some lunch. And finally after 10 hours of driving I saw some lights in the dark. As we were getting closer to the town lights were getting much stronger. Finally we were there the atmosphere was great. Streets full of casinos, neons, lights and people. When we got to our hotel room we were shocked by the view from our windows.
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