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Jean Gionno životopis
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Jean Giono was born in Manosque, March 30 1895, his father was John Antoine Giono, he was a cobbler. His mother was called Pauline Pourcin. In 1911 he droped out the college and started to work as employee of the bank. In 1914 he was mobilized, there in war he discovered the horrors of the war, about which he has written in The Big flock. In 1919, Giono has returned to Manosque and again started to work in the bank. He lost his father in April 1920 and mother in June of the same year. Next years he untiringly wrote. In 1927 he has written novel, Birth of Odyssey and in 1929 Hill and in same year he decided to leave the job in the bank, next year he has written Regain. In 1932 it was John the blue one, a widely autobiographical narrative, and with The song of the world what was comeback to the pure, epic, adventure novel, natural elements had again big place (The river, The wildlife). In 1936 he has written the essay, The true wealths which was against the capitalist industrial corporation, city and mechanization taht destroy the true wealths. The weight of the sky in 1938 was for the nature and against the war and the dictatorships. In these years he worked as a pacifist against war, fascisme, or communism, this caused his arrest.
In a prison he translated Moby Dick. In 1943, Giono has writtne Water. Since 1945 to 1951 he has written eights novels and narratives. Angélo, in 1945 and published in 1948, Dead of a personage and The hussard on the begun roof in 1946 and finished in 1951. These eight ones had name The Chronic ones. Next was A king without recreation, in 1946 and Noé, a novel. Than Giono discovered the new domain, the history, he has written The disaster of Pavie draft of the battleof Pavie and Captivity of 1st François. At last, Giono continu to write novels and texts of fictions. Between 1953 and 1957, he has written the last part of the cycle The Chronic ones. He rediscovered the pure fiction in The man who planted trees. His last work was This is the iris of suse in 1967. Giono was interested also to the movies and realized some films. His last works were slowed down by cardiac weaknesses. In the night of the 8 to the 9 Octobre 1970, Giono died of a heart failure.
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