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Young people
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The effects of drugs vary from making you tired to giving you lots of energy, from making you friendly to aggressive, but all of the effects are not the result of your normal consciousness. Smoking tobacco cause cancer, and many drugs can cause depression, health damage and maybe even result in death...
Look around and you might recognize that some people are under the influence of drugs. It’s good to notice changes, like the sudden break up of a long friendship, a notable difference in clothing, changes in behaviour and friends. Maybe that person doesn’t know how to stop. Maybe they need your help...
Considering the facts about drugs, we need to ask ourselves: why do some teenagers use drugs? Some might find their present life boring. Others may have too many problems. Or maybe some teenagers use drugs to gain respect in a gang. At other times, it’s just curiosity...
I have described only a few of the problem facing the young generation of today. I am sure that are many more and that one day we might solve them. Maybe we should just allow young people to express themselves freely with their hairstyle, clothing and hobbies.
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