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New York
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NY city is the biggest city in the USA, in spite of the fact that it is not capital. It belongs to the largest in the world. N.Y. is situated on the eastern coast of America at the mouth of the Hudson and the East River, so in the past it was a gate to U.S. for immigrants who were coming there in l9th and 20th centuries. It is an important sea port. NY is divided into 5 sections: The island of Manhattan is the heart of the city. The others are Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Richmond (Staten Island). People often call NY The Big Apple, because of jazz musicians who all wanted to work there in the 1920s and 1930s, because they wanted some of The Big Apples, which means work and money.

N.Y. is almost 400 years old town with present population of more than l4 milion people. It was originaly called New Amsterdam and it was a little Duch town built on a small part of Manhattan. It was bought from the original inhabitants Indians for 24 dollars in goods. In 1644 the British captured the city and renamed it NY. Because of its advantageous position it soon became an important trading port. In southern part of Manhattan island there used to be a wall against Indians, now there is Wall Street - the centre of financial life with the most important stock-exchange in the world. It is one of the most important market of certificates in the world there. Everyone who wants to be someone in the world of bussines tries to succesful right here. N.Y. is now an important seaport with a good connection with inland, the largest business, industrial and cultural centre of U.S, centre of the art world, the media world,the theatre world and the fashion world.

There are a lot of things to see in N.Y., and it is easy for the visitors to get to the different parts of the city. The first thing, that you see comming to N.Y.,America, is Statue of Libety. It stands on Liberty island. This symbol of freedom and democracy was donated to the Americans by France to commemorate the alliance between the USA and France during the American revolution. It is a statue of a woman who symbolized the freedom and friendship. She holds a burning torch in her right hand and a law book in her left one. There is an inscription „July 4th, 1776“ what means the birth date of the USA. It was a gift of the French people to the Americans. The designer of the framework was Eiffel – the famous creator of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
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