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Ernest Hemingway The Fifth Column and the First Forty - Nine Stories
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To be honest I’m very glad that I had to read these short stories because when I read Farewell to Arms I was really disgusted of that book. I hated Hemingway’s style of writing, because I thought it’s too brief and has poor vocabulary for novels. However this language is as much tedious in novels as magnificent in tales. I was really surprised when I read this stories, because they are amazing how much they can express human’s relationships. I was truly rapt in that book.
The complete Hemingway’s bibliography is in my previous essay.

I have read seven stories from the book The Fifth Column and the First Forty-Nine Stories. Now is time to analyze these stories:

Indian Camp

Once upon a time a local doctor was called to a small Indian camp, because there was a bearing woman with extraordinary hard childbirth. He tooks his brother George and his son Nick for help. Finally he had to perform cesarean section. The operation was done successfully and doctor was pleasant and glad until he discovered that woman’s husband kill himself by razor. He cut his own throat. Unfortunately doctor’s son Nick was a witness of all this. Very interesting was that he wasn’t shocked and confused, but he was concerned in death. I think the main idea of this story is relationship between son and father. Nick admired his father and thought, that he is the wisest man and he needn’t to afraid of anything especially not of death. Nick thought that his father could protect him from everything, even from death.

I think Nick was too young to see childbirth and he was terrified from that: (“Vidíš, je to kluk, Nicku,”řekl otec.“Jak se ti líbí asistovat?“Nick řekl“Fajn“.Odvracel pohled,aby neviděl,co otec dělá.“ PG.85)
Nick had huge confidence to his father and thought he knows everything:(“Proč se zabil, tati?““Nevím,asi málo vydržel.““Hodně se chlapi zabíjejí,tati?““Moc ne,Nicku.“ PG.86)
Nick thought, that his father is almighty and he can protect Nick from everything:(„Toho časného jitra na jezeře, na zádi loďky, s otcem u vesel, cítil naprosto jistě, že nikdy nezemře.“ PG.86)
The relationship between son and father was very close:(“ Indiáni veslovali rychlými, prudkými zaběry”.”Nick ležel na zádech, otec ho objímal paží.” PG.83)

Hills Like White Elephants

This story is about a couple waiting for the train to Madrid.
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