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Me, my life and my family:
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I was born in 1982 in Mělnik (it’s a small city near Prague), but I live all my life in České Budějovice. My mother is called Ivana and she has studied libraristics and science information.After school she worked a long time as a librarist than she changed job many times and now she`s working in a gallery in Hluboká.She`s very wise, clever and liberal.She never tells me whot I have to do and whot not.My father is called Jirka and he lives in Mělnik .He`s schisofrenic ,that’s a very bad illness so he lives in my ant’s house and doesn’t du nothing except eating , smoking ,drinking beer or coffee and looking from the window.Before he became ill he wanted to be a poet (and I thing he was quite good – he had written a book but didn’t catch to public it).My parents are divorced a long time so I don’t know my father much.We have a dog too, her name is Kačenka.My mother`s boyfriend live with us too, but I don’t like him much His name is Petr.
My mother has too brothers and one sister. Their names are Jirka, Ladislav and Eva.Eva is married with Zdeněk and they have one son (his name is Zdeněk too). He’s only my cousin, but as a children we where always together like a brothers. Zdeněk was very good at sport in the past he played ice hockey, but has hurt his knee. Now he plays the guitar and smokes ganja a lot. My uncle Jirka is a guitar maker (last holidays he let me to made my own guitar in his workshop)
My father has only one brother , his name is Jan.He`s a nuclear scientist and has too children- Edita and Honza.They are both older than me (about 26 or 28).I don’t know them much – they live in Prague.
As I have said I lived whole my life in České Budějovice.I went to basic school here , than the grammar school and now to university.I don’t like school much but it is necessary to go there. So I went.
I am not a big sportsman I have only sailed in the past, now I go swimming every week I hate winter and all winter sports except of building a snowman and snowballing In the winter I go offen to the swimming pool.
I like listening to the music (my favorite bands are Cream, Led zeppelin, -123minut, My dry willow, Free, King Crimson etc.). I am learning to play the guitar, but I am not very good at it yet. I read a lot too I like English and American writers, but I have read them only in Czech. Now I am trying to learn read in English I have heard that Hemingway is easy to read, so I read “The old man and the see” and now I am reading “fiesta”.
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