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The life in the Czech republic
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My favorite season of the year in the Czech republic is autumn I like the colors of the trees in this time. It’s the most colored season. All the country turns yellow, red, orange or brown. I like to walk in the leaves , which have fallen down on the ground it lisps in the special way like any other thing on the world In the city there are usually big dumps of the leaves on the side of the pavement if there is nobody who can see you, you can jump or kick in it in it. In the autumn is the sun very low the trees and lakes look like they are made of gold .The best thing in autumn are the fogs .It is a little adventure to go to school throw the city folded in mist. All the mans women and dogs look only like a gray shadows .The street lighting lamps transmogrifies to the mysterious balls of milk white light. Everything is wet, little bit sad and you can imagine that the last man on the world.
I don’t like winter much .I hate could and wearing of fat winter jackets, socks, gloves, caps and big boots ( if you stood in the shit in this kind of boots you smell all the day).But I like darkness I like to walk in the gloom .The winter is the best time to go to the café for a hot vine, behind the window is the city covered with ice, glancing in the electric light .Its beautiful, but all the winter I am looking forward to the spring and to the gulls.
Gulls are the ambassadors of the spring they are the first birds who came after the winter from hot lands on the south (O.K.- maybe some biologist can say that gulls aren’t the first but they are the first birds for the city boy like me). The best thing on spring is that it is getting warm and there is no snow you can travel by hitchhiking and woman start to wear less clothes. Everything turns green and the trees start to make new leaves. It is possible to sleep under the open sky (of course only if isn’t raining). The end of the school and the holidays are coming.
The last season of the year in Czech republic, that I want describe is the summer (how surprising!) the best thing on summer are the summer holidays. You have got a lot of time that belongs only to you and you can spend it how do you want. It’s a pity that the holidays are only in some parts of the year and not for the whole life.
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