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My future carrer
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It is difficult for me to say what I like to do in future. This job must be nice,undemanding,living,varied and very interestings. When I was a child I never thought about my future career. Every girl in kindergarten wanted to be a teacher, a nurse,
a princess,a singer or actors,but I not had this ideas.I had many another ideas.For examly:I wanted to be a vet,a water sprite,a dustman or a butcher :)
I like to working as a politician. I would like to do as a minister or prime-minister,but for begin I can start as a barman of a party or a saleswomen in smoked meats. :)
I suppose the work as a journalist because it is very interesting job for me too.It has many advantage whitch I want have.One of many is unlimited access for information.I’m like informed.)But big problem is it because I must know many languagges for this job. I‘m not very well for languagges. I prefer big cities. For me and my ideal jobs are the best the capital cities or larger cities in the world.For the Czech republic it´s Brno or Prague.In the world it’s Paris, Washington,San Francisco or Madrid.
I have a one ideal job:PROFESSIONAL MILLIONAIRE!!!!
I must not work, I have all what is important for my life three cars and two houses with spacious swimming pool and
I can do what ever I want.This sound go super.).
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