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Social security and health services
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The comprehensive social security system was introduced in Britain in 1948. It provides benefits, so that nobody need to be without the means. The benefits under the National Insurance Acts include the sickness benefit, the injury benefit, the unemployment benefit, the maternity benefits. The maternity allowance, paid for 18 weeks before and after the birth of a child and the child benefit paid for each child up to the age of 16 or when studying to the age of 19, then the invalid care allowance, the retirement pension, paid to any man of 65 and any woman of 60, and the widow´s pension.

The National Health Service, also introduced in 1948, provides free or almost free medical care for everyone. The National Health Service includes General Practitioner services, hospital and specialist services, health centres, chest clinic, nurses attending sick people in their homes. Also dental, ophthalmic and pharmaceutical services are provided.

Social security and health services in the USA

The Social Security Programme is financed by a tax paid by all working people, which constitutes 7% of their wages. This money is used in several ways. When people reach 62 years of age, they recieve a monthly Social Security payment. The payments are also given to workers, who become disabled and can´t work, and to widows and children of workers, who die before retirement age. All these payments are financed from federal funds.
Medicaid is a joint federal-state programme, which funds medical care for the poor.
Medicare is a federal programme, which pays a substantial part of medical bills of Americans, who are over 65 years of age or are disabled.

Social security and health services in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has quite a good standard of social welfare and health services. All the employees and their employers, as well as self-employed people, must pay certain percentage from the earning.

Social security pays out following benefits:
The sickness benefit
The maternity benefit (It´s paid for 28 weeks for a married mother and 36 weeks for an unmarried mother. Mother also recieves a grant.)
The old-age pension
The disability pension
The invalidity pension
The widow´s pension
The orphan´s pension
The personal pension

The Health Service ensures complete health care for everyone. Nowadays, a certain part of payment must be paid for dental services and the stay in the spa.
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