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Cultural life
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I often suffer from a lack of free time. It isn´t easy for a young person to find the time to enjoy culture. Children aren´t generally interested in culture at their age, while adults are short of free time. Despite being so busy, almost everybody finds the time to go to the cinema, the theatre or an exhibition. Cultural life in our town isn´t so rich as in large cities. In spite of that, there are some ways how to spend leisure time. We can go to the cinema, dancing, or we can stay at home and listen to the radio, watch television and read books. In our everyday life we also meet with works of the fine arts, either architecture, sculptures or paintings. Film, cinema

In 1877 the English inventor Edward Muybridge discovered a way how to take photos very quickly one after another. Eleven years later in 1888 the American George Eastman produced the first celluloid film. Then in 1893 Thomas Edison invented the kinetoscope. It produced film of a very low quality, and only one person could watch it at a time. Then brothers Limierr invented cinematograph. This machine allowed a large audience to watch moving pictures. Important is also the silent era of cinematography. It´s called the silent era because there wasn´t recorded sound at all. Since this time the cinematography has made huge progress. Hollywood changed film into a branch of entertainment industry.

Cinema belongs among the most popular cultural activities. For projection of a film all that´s needed is a movie screen and a reel of film. If we want to go to the cinema, we must buy a ticket. The price of tickets varies greatly. In the past it was necessary to book the tickets for a performance in advance. Nowadays we can get the tickets straight away at the cinema, about half an hour before the performance. People are lazier to leave their place, have less free time and own televisions, video recorders and DVDs, so they don´t need to go to the cinema. I think that going to the cinema with friends is much better than sitting in front of TV. You enjoy the film and then you talk with friends about it. The atmosphere in the cinema is quite strange and it´s great if you can become accustomed to a part of one of the actors or actresses. Theatre

Small towns provide little opportunity to see theatre performances. People, who go to the theatre are theatregoers or playgoers.
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