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Future plans
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Everyone has to decide what he wants to do when he finishes elementary school. One option is to continue in secondary school. The second option is to choose another branch of the educational system. It is very important to consider your interests when you choose your future profession. Everyone would like to be good at what he chooses.

Sometimes, people continue to study even after they recieve their degree. It is always important to learn more, and in some professions, you have to constantly study in order to be at the forefront of your field. For example, doctors, scientists, and computer programmers must be aware of the latest research in the field and apply this knowledge to their work. Often it is especially hard for young people who just finish their studies to find a job because they don´t have any practise. Or it might happen that you have a profession that you love, and you suddenly lose your job. Many people who find themselves unemployed try to improve their chances of entering the job market attending various vocational training courses.

What about the risk of unemployment? The rate of unemployment is steadily increasing. In some cases, you might find that neither the employment agencies, nor the unemployment benefits are not able to help you. In this situation you must help yourself.

Some of traditional professions: baker, butcher, blacksmith, tailor, doctor, etc.
With the development of industry and technology many new professions have surfaced, such as: mechanic, photographer, programmer, and more are added very year.
Some of the most popular careers are economist, lawyer, airhostess, etc.

My future career

When I was small, I wanted to be a tennis player, a model, a basketball player and a scientist. I wanted to study sharks. It´s quite difficult for me to say what I plan to the future. At first, I want to finish successfully grammar school and pass an entrance examination at the university. My dreamt-of subject is an English philology. But it´s my big dream and dreams don´t have to come true.
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