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The Best Holliday on Malta
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Last year, I, my brother Miloš and our parents were on Malta. It is such a hot and dry island. It is as small as Bratislava. The island is in the south of Europe and it is
surrounded by the Mediterranean See. The capital city is Valleta. There is around fifteen degrees Celsius from December to February, thirty-five degrees Celsius from March to May, fourty-five degrees Celsius from June to August and thirty degrees Celsius from September to November. We travelled by car from Trenčín to Salerno, Italia. It took twelve hours. Then we travelled by a big passenger ship from Salerno to Sliema, Malta. It was a very big ship which could float a lot of cars and people. The ship´s name was Grimaldy. The name was painted with blue color on both sides of the ship.The journey took around 22 hour. During the journey we ate, danced and sunbathed on the deck. In the evening we floated through Messine Strait. It was beautiful, because we could see both coasts. The Italy coast and the Sicily coast. Then we floated along the east coast of Sicily. At six o´clock in the morning, the ship stopped. Then, my uncle, his wife and daughter Nikol living on Malta waited on us. They kissed us and took us to their apartment. Of course, it was the first time in our lives spended on Malta. While our parents were unpacking, I, my brother and cousin went to the beach. Of course, there are a lot of beaches on Malta, but we went to the nearest. The weather was beautiful. The sun was shining, the beach was not full and the sea was clean. There were usually big waves on the sea. When our parents came for us, it was so hot that they decided to swim with us. Next days we spent on beaches too. There were different sand beaches, beaches with stones and beaches covered by concrete. My uncle knows a lot of alone beaches, because he has been leaving there for three years. During our vacation, we spent a lot of time in the water, but we also spent a lot of time to watch some architecture or churches. In the churches we had to cover our legs and arms with some clothes. One day, we visited the neighbor island Sicili because we wanted to see Etna Volcano. We travelled there by an express ship. Five hundred people travelled by this ship. The journey took two hours. When we returned back, there was a storm on the sea and the ship was swinging. It was funny for our family, but it was not funny for a lot of children and elderly people. Mostly of the two-hundered people vomitted. It was not funny.
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