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William Shakespeare: Richard III
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King Edward granted Richard many of Warwick’s forfeited estates and the following year the duke married Warwick’s younger daughter Anne, who was the widow of Prince Edward, who was killed at Tewkesbury. In 1476, Duchess Anne gave birth to their only child, who became known as Edward of Middleham. On 9th April 1483 King Edward died. There had been no time to prepare for a transition of power and the heir, another Edward, was only twelve years old. At the time of his father’s death, the new king was at Ludlow under the tutelage of his uncle, Earl Rivers. The queen sent for them to come to London and for the king to be crowned without delay. Lord Hastings possibly informed Richard of his brother’s death and urged that he come immediately to London. Richard was joined on his journey by the duke of Buckingham, a distant cousin. At Northampton, Richard and his followers met Earl Rivers, who was arrested. Richard then moved onto Stony Stratford where the king was resting, made three further arrests and escorted his nephew to London. The queen when hearing of these events, withdrew to sanctuary in Westminster Abbey with her family. Edward V arrived in London but Richard announced that a plot against him had been discovered and accused Lord Hastings of being the instigator. The later was immediately executed and Archbishop John Rotherham, John Morton and Thomas, Lord Stanley were arrested. The young king’s brother, Richard, Duke of York left Westminster Abbey and joined his brother in the royal apartments at the Tower. On 22nd June Dr Edward Shaa, declared to the citizens of London, that King Edward IV’s marriage to Elizabeth Woodville was illegal. This was because of a precontract of marriage between Edward IV and Lady Eleanor Butler. The children of the marriage were illegitimate, and therefore, barred from the throne of England. Within four days Richard was acclaimed king of England. King Richard III was crowned, together with his wife Anne, on 6th July at Westminster Abbey. Shortly afterwards the couple began a progress around the country which ended in York with the investiture of their son Edward as prince of Wales. In the autumn of 1483, however, King Richard suffered a serious set-back. His former supporter, the duke of Buckingham, became involved in a rebellion, based primarily in the west country and Kent. Although swiftly repressed, the effect were far-reaching and King Richard now began to rely more on his northern supporters, placing them in the offices left vacant by the rebels. The rebellion had been supported by the exiled Henry Tudor.
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