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Language and communication
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Human is sociable creature and communication is important part of everyday life. We can communicate by many ways. We can talk (verbal communication), write (e-mail, letter, sms, etc.) and gesticulate to spread information among other people. The most often way is talking, because it’s faster then writing and more understandable then gesticulation. THE SECRET OF SUCCESFULL TALK:
Everyone knows talkative people who haven’t problems with speaking to other people at the party, in a bus, at the railway station. How do they do this? We all want to start and keep going a good conversation, so I’m going to tell you about some simple techniques that anyone can use. When you talk to someone it’s very important to show that you interested in them. So you don’t have to talk about deeply important things. Just talk about simply things like the weather or a television program that you saw last night. These obvious things will soon lead into other more interesting topics. You should pay compliment, because everyone wants to receive it and it’s an easy way into a conversation. (for example- “That’s a nice jacket. Where did you buy it?”)
You can use friendly body language. Your face and body can communicate much more than your words. If you stand with your arms folded or if you keep looking around the room, the conversation will quickly end, because you look uninterested. Instead you should make eye contact, keep an open posture and smile. If you send out friendly messages, you will get friendly messages back.
You should pay attention. People like to talk about themselves and they will think you are fascinating if you ask questions that allow them to do so. But people often don’t listen properly. They are too busy thinking about the next thing that they themselves want to say. Good conversationalist listen carefully and they show that they are listening, too. They ask questions, nod their head in agreement or say things like ”Oh, that sounds exciting.”
There are some topics that you should avoid. Don’t ask people about personal problems, money or religion. It’s also good idea to avoid the kind of statements that say “I’m right.
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