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Violence on TV
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Nowadays TV plays huge role in family life. All of American families have at least one TV. In lot of houses people have TV almost in every room. The family, where I live they do have 8 TV’s in the house. This number may appear really big but it’s quite normal. TV is important part of equipment, because TV is easy way to kill your time during some moments, when there is nothing to do.
A lot of families do have it because of their children, like most of the teenagers’ just love watching TV. As I can see a lot of adults don’t have so much time to be watching it, while their kids are sitting in front of TV. The most favorite types of programs are programs for teenagers on stations like MTV or all kinds of movies.
In study “Does TV kill” we could see all kinds of aspects influenced by TV. One of the studies was researching sample of the kids, who were watching TV in 1960’s and then they were studying them after 30 years. They were trying to discover, what in their life was influenced and changed by TV. Another study was the study of small town in Canada, which wasn’t able to catch TV signal, what caused that they weren’t able to use TV. They showed us differences in people’s behavior after installing the antenna. They couldn’t recognize somehow strange changes in the behavior in any of the cases, the men didn’t become a super heroes or some favorite cartoon characters. Even in Hudson the life was going normally, maybe some small changes were recognized, but the influence of the TV wasn’t every time only bad!
In the present violence on TV is really popular. I think, that it is like this because a lot of people just enjoy watching the violence. Influence on people’s behavior is sometimes really bad, a few month ago there was determined the case of the boy, who killed his small sister while he was practicing wrestling as he saw on the TV. TV really can influence the personality of the kids, the difference is only, that it can influence it in the positive and in the negative way, so it is usually up to parents to allow kids to watch some kinds of shows and some not. Interesting study should be research changes after watching good and bad types of programs, which can show different influence of each of them.
After all I think that TV is really important thing on the lives, what can’t be replaced with anything else.
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