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Adolescents in Society
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Be an adolescent in society is one of the hardest roles in a persons life. Adolescents are usually considered people between 12 and 21 year old, which is the period of time between childhood and adulthood. The three biggest problems in adolescent society are drug use, changes in sexual behavior and teenage suicide. This period of time is really hard, because adolescents must face a lot of different problems while going through many different stages. Over time adolescents are being treated less and less like young adults, but instead as children. They must get through new things, like school education, participation in some kind of group in society or changes in law system, after they consider them as creating a lot of problems.
Really big problem in adolescent society is drug use. Drug use is really common way for young people to spend their free time. A lot of kids think that it is right and interesting thing to do and that, there is nothing wrong with drug taking. But it is not true. Drug use can a lot of times bring those innocent people at the edge, where suicide appears like the only possible way to get out. Kids most of the times get in touch with drugs through their friends, who already tried it. They except by taking them out and don’t let them do wrong things, convince them to start. They think, everybody is doing that, so why wouldn’t I try! Not every time they want to do it on they own, but the peer pressure is so big, that they just surrender.
Another big issue is teenage sexual behavior. Usually kids get to the adolescence stage and start dating, they find out difference between sexes and they try to discover everything about it. But a lot of times they don’t know where it can lead. Society is starting to have more and more young single mothers. But this is not only one problem, which deals with teenage sexual behavior. Problem is spreading out of all sexual illnesses, or spreading AIDS. However a lot of times people just don’t care about their future and care only about the present and having fun.
Adolescent time is really a hard time for everybody. You just have to deal and face to a lot of different problems and peer pressure is usually big. Everybody just have to find his own way and decide what is right or wrong and create yourself a good path.
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