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Our house
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I live in a bungalow. The walls are white, the doors and the roof are red. By our house is a garage. In the garage is a car. By each window there are pots with geraniums. Our house has an entrance hall, a living room, a kitchen, my room, bathroom with toilet, a store room and my parents` room. The hall is done in a brown colour. By the door is a window. On the window there are red curtains. The carpet is yellow-brown. In the hall you can see some wardrobes and a chest of drawers. On the left side of the door you can see a stand for hats, coats and umbrellas. On the walls there are many pictures of country. A big oval mirror is opposite the door. By the mirror there is a big plant.
Our living room is large. It`s done in yellow colour. The walls are decorated with some pictures and with a big old clock The carpet is yellow, too. Opposite the door is the window. Gold curtains hang in it. They are very beautiful. By the window is a big plant. Under it there is a radiator. On the right side of the door there are some cupboards, a bookcase and a television. By the television is a video recorder and a radio. In the bookcase are many diferent books, for example: romantic books, science books and books in foreign languages. In the cupboards are some glasses, an old porcelan and some books. On the cupboards are some plants. On the left side of the door is a big red sofa. I like it. It`s very comfortable. On the sofa are five cushions. By the sofa is a table. It`s oval in shape. On the table is a dish with biscuits and a vase of flowers. By the opposite side of the table are two armchairs. They are red, too. An electric light is hanging from the middle of the ceiling.
We haven`t dining room, so we eat in the kitchen. It`s a large room. Above the door hangs a clock. It`s done in a pink colour. The floor is with tiles. The tiles are pink, too. But, under the table is a small brown carpet. The table is oval with six comfortable chairs. It`s covered with a table-cloth. The table is decorated with a small vase of sunflowers. Behind the table is a window. Uder the window is a radiator. Dark blue curtains hang in the window. Opposite the table is the kitchen unit and a big fridge. The kitchen unit consists of drawers, some cupboards, a sink, a microwave, a coffeemaker and a slicer. By the fridge is the sink and a cooker. The electric light is hanging from the ceiling above the table.I like this room, because I like cooking and of course eating.
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