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The history of Israel spans many thousands of years. Bridging Africa, Asia and Europe, crossed by highways and major trade routes, it has always beeb an important strategic point.
A cradle of mankind, history can be traced back to the Bronze Age. First the Patriarchs an the King Saul lived peaceful lives in the land - until they became victims of the persecution of the Semitic peoples. Jerusalem was made the capital of the kingdom under the rule of King David. The building of the Second Temple, the Roman Conquest, the Crusades, and finally the Zionist movement are all part of turbulent history of Israel, until the State was established on 15th May 1948.
The ranks of the new Israeli citizens were quietly swelled by the arrival of Jewish immigrants who streamed in from the neighbouring Arab countries - anxious to return to their homeland.

A modern miracle occurred as these people were settled, cared for and trained to take their place in the new state.
Their totally different ethnic backgounds and cultures have now blended together in the melting pot of Israeli life.
Each community however, retains its special arts, dress and customs, proudly keeping these traditions alive.
Hopes for the long awaited tranquility in this troubled area have never really been completely fulfilled. Negotiations frequently take place and all hope that the fervent desire for a complete and lasting peace may one day be realized.

Turning to the land itself, if is indeed difficult to visualize so much variety in such a small country. Snow-capped mountains, fertile valleys, arid and desolate regions of desert, sparkling lakes and seaside resorts are all to be found within the boundaries of Israel. The hustle and bustle of towns, noisy local markets, the sanctity of the holy places and a close association with the Bible all wait to be experienced by travellers of all ages and interests from all walks of live.
Jerusalem is city of a hundred names and a thousand faces, holy to Juaism, Christianity and Islam is undoubtedly the jewel in the crown that is Israel. Abraham´s near sacrifice of Isaac on Mt. Moriah, David´s establishment of the small Jebusite town as his capital and Solomon´s construction of the Temple enshrined Jerusalem in the hearts of Jews. Throughout the nineteen centuries since the destruction of the temple and the exile, Jews the world over pray in the direction of Jerusalem. Christians connect Jerusalem with the last years in the life of Jesus.
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