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Wonders of the Modern World
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I think that the best of wonders for me are England, music, mobile, internet.

It is a very big and beautiful country for me. I like this country because the lifestyle
is modern and very different from the Slovakia. The people are very nice and they´re helpful.
In the England there are a lot of jobs for the English people and foreigners. When students
finish their schools they find a job immediately. There is a pretty nature and a lot of
places that are clean and which you can visit. There are too many galleries, museums, operas,
theatres, cinemas, pubs, universities, zoos, shops. There are many historic buildings, statues,
towers, sqares and clean parks too. In the shops you have a very big choise of everything
(for example: a lot of sort of candles, food, meal, clothes, shoes, house´s things, machines,
ceramics, toys, pictures and to many things which you want and need.)

The second wonder for me is a music. I like listening to the all sort of the music, but my favourite
music is House music. This music was playing before twelve years, but I started to listen this
music seven years ago. It´s quite a quick music. Sometimes I can dream when I listen it. Many
people ask to me "What do you see in this music?" I still explain them that it´s like my old
friend which help me when I´m sad and I´ve got too many problems. When I listen to House music my
bad times leave me.

Mobilephone is an useful thing. Sometimes mobilephones were very luxury phones. Now you see them
everywhere. When you need to ring your friend you don´t have to find phoneboxes on the street.
You can take your mobilephone everywhere and ring your friend. It´s more expensive like write
and send short news called sms. In your free time you can play games in your mobilephone too.

Internet is an amazing invent. It is used all over the world. It keep people to be in touch for
a long time. So you can write emails for your friends, who live on the other side of the world.You
can found too many information about news, wheather, history, music, country, jobs, games and
another things.Then you can see videoclips of the famous music stars and read their biography. There
are a lot of informations in different languages. It´s an impossible invent, where you found
everything what you need.
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