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The worst journey
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The worst journey ever was when we should play aur hockey match in Skalica. Everything began in the morning that day, when I voke up, looked at the clock and realized that I should have been in Bratislava in ten minutes. I quickly got up and voke up my father to give me ride to sports stadium. We reached Bratislava in ten minutes. When’ve got there I suddenly found out that the bus will leave in half on hour. I didn’t miss the bus, but I was very hungry and thirty and there was no food shop open. Gradually my friends were coming and we were ready to leave. I was so tired that I slept the whole way there. I didn’t see much, but I got sleep a bit. When we got off the bus I found out that my hockey-stick is home. Fortunately I got a friend who lent me one so I could play. I played well on the beginning but after first third, our team got four goals by my mistake. Everybody blamed me and was angry. I felt harrible at that moment. On the way back nobody talked to me. My father even didn’t wait for me. The bus home just left and next one vent in one hour. I friend to call home but somebody had to stale my mobile. When finally bus arrived it was so full that I had to stand all the way through. In the bus I realized that I forget my keys at home and of course nobody was there. After five hours of waiting and tired so I lied down on the sofa me voke up in the morning next day. So this was the worst day in my life and I have it will not happen anymore.
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