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The family and the society
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The Family and the society

What is the family?
Generally family is a community of two or more people where parents try to bring up their children as well as they can. The main mission of the family is to stay together forever in good and bad times and support each other in all ways of their lifes.
What is the possition of family in nowadays society?
The possition of each family is very different. Exist more kinds of families:
Ř strong ones which possition in the society have a big importance,
Ř weak families which have some kind of problems – possition of this type of families is weakened.
What I mean under the terms strong and weak family?
STRONG family
Ř family where every member supports and encourages each other,
Ř where members talk to each other and try to solve problems together.
WEAK family
Ř members argue a lot,
Ř they don´t have any nice word to each other so the power of family is slowly destroyed.
And what I mean under the therm power of the family?
Power of the family means mainly tenacity between members of family.
So what is the possition of the strong family and weak one in the society?
In my opinion the possition of a strong family in society is much more important than the possition of weak one, because children which are bring up in the family with apprehension and love can be very strong components of the society in our country. They are mostly well-behaved, composed and more clever than some children from the weaker family. They have better expectations to be an important component in the nowadays society.
Children which were born in weak families have often many problems and their parents don´t help them to solve these troubles so it can lead to drug abuse, alcohol abuse or to some psychical problems. These children have minimally chance become a strong and important component in the society I think. They mostly become to be the hooligans, gangsters, drug dealers but there are some exceptions of course.
We can distinguish another types of families – big and small ones. What about their possitions in the society?
Big families mean for me the family with five and more members. I think that living in the bigger family is more advantageous than the life in a smaller one, because in a bigger family there are more members who can help you if you have some problem and in the house of flat of this family there is a friendly and pleasurable atmosphere.
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