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2. svetová vojna

The fascism outgrew to the World War II. In 1933 Adolf Hitler got the power. Germany had an economic disarray. Many people were unemployed and they didn’t have food. Hitler claimed, that communists and Jews were the cause of all evil. In 1938 Hitler occupied Austria and one year later he divided Czechoslovakia. On September 1-st 1939 he begun to occupy Poland. Two days later Britain and the allied forces declared war to Germany. In 1940 Germany empowered Denmark, Norway, Benelux and a part of France. Britain braved Germany. In 1941 Germany attacked the east of the Soviet Union. In this year Japan attacked Paerl Harbour. The World War II was also in Africa, when Italy wanted to empower British colonies and it wanted to occupy Egypt. When Italy was lost, Hitler sent the tanks to the north of Africa. Later Britain has beaten German and Italian attackers. In 1943 the Red army pushed up Germanes from Stalingrad to Berlin. In 1944 the allied forces discharged France, they rescued France and other states of the west Europe. They pushed up Germanes to Berlin.On May 8-th 1945 the World War II finished in Europe. The Soviet Union and the USA pushed up Japanese occupied zones – China, Corea… The USA threw down two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It was the end of the World War II in the all Earth. In the World War II more than 70 million people died. It was the worst war in the history of humanity.

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