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Like maze and wheat, rice is a staple food.It is the main food of at least , milion people.Nitery per cent of the worlds rice is grown in Asia.However, the Asian countries eat most of what they grow.The USA also produces huge amounts of rice, but sells much of what it grows to the rest of the world.The paddy fields are flooded, ploughed, raked and flattened.In Asia, buffaloes are used to do the heavy work.The pre-sprouted seedlings are moved to the paddy fields.They are planted for apart so they have plenty of space to grow.The rice is ready for harvesting in three to six months.The fields are drained and the plants cut down, tied in bundles and left to dry.The rice is beaten to remove the grains.The grains are crushed and then sieved and tossed to remove any fine pieces of husk.In the USA , growing rice is highly mechanized.Tractors prepare the fields, the seed may be sown from aeroplanes and combine harvesters gather the ripe plants.

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