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City offices are in tall modern buildings, or in old buildings on narrow streets. The office people do not live in the City; they come to the City every day, from Monday to Friday. Only 5890 people live in the City;340 000 people work there. They come in trains, on buses, on the Underground, on bicycles, and in cars and taxis. They come in one hour-„rush hour“. Rush hour is from 8.30 to 9.30 in the morning, and the evening rush hour is from 5.00 to 6.00.
St Paul´s Cathedral is near the middle of the City. Perhaps the real middle is „the Bank“. Seven streets meet at the Bank. The Bank of England is there with the British Government´s money in it. The Royal Exchange is there; it is now the British money market, but it is a beautiful building. The Mansion House is there too. The Mansion House is the office and house of the Lord Mayor of London.

A „night out“ in the West End
Five important streets meet at Piccadilly Circus in London´s „West End“. The cars, the tourists coaches, the red London buses, and the taxis go round a statue there.
It is not the statue of a famous man or woman. People do not remember the statue´s real name. They say: „It is Eros, the Greek god of love.“
Under the road, two Underground lines meet. Piccadilly Circus is a very busy place. It is busy day and night. People come here to the shops in the day time, and at night they come for a night out.
Londoners like a night out in the West End. They take the Underground to Piccadilly Circus, and there they are in the middle of the West End.
They can eat in one of the restaurants in the West End near Piccadilly Circus. They can get food from twenty different countries in West End restaurants.
Londoners, and visitors, can go to a theatre in the West End, or to a concert, to an operea or a ballet. And there are fifty cinemas near Piccadilly Circus.
Or they can have a good „night out“ in a pub conservation and a drink or two.

Libraries, museums and art galleries
The British Library has 10 000 000 books in London. The Reading Room of the library is famous. That is only one library. London has hundreds of small libraries. The British Museum is famous, but young people often go to the museum in Kensington. In the British Museum, you look at things, but in Kensington museum you can do things. The National Gallery and the Tate Gallery are the two big London art galleries. They have some very famous pictures in them. You can see the history of British art in the Tate Gallery beside the Thames. London has small galleries too.
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