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They often have exhibitions of famous pictures from galleries in Europe and America.

Exhibitions and shows
You can see a new exhibition or a show every week in London. Some of the London shows are famous. People come to them from many countries (Crufts Dog Show).
Madame Tussaud´s is famous for waxworks. There are waxworks of famous people (good&bad) in the show. You see not only people of the past but famous people of today there: kings, queens, princes and princesses, sportsmen and sportswomen, cinema stars and pop stars.

London´s parks and gardens
Londoners like the parks. Office workers often sit in them and eat their lunch. Band play at lunchtime and in the afternoon. Hyde Park is famous, but it is only one of London´s big parks. Come to London one day and walk in them. The parks are open to the people, but the big parks are really royal parks.
Regent´s Park has the London zoo. With the animals of the world. And in the summer it has an open-air theatre. You can sit in a chair or on the grass, and you see a play between the trees. The play is always by Shakespeare.
London has small parks and gardens too. You can walk in them, sit in them, play in them, take boats on the water in them – on good day in summer.
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