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Some Facts about Great Britain
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The most important industries : engineering, mining, textile industry.
Birmingham – centre of car industry, engineering
Manchester, Leeds – textile industry
Newcastle – the best coal is found around this town
London – capital, important port
Oxfod and Cambridge – 2 oldest universities, famous for its first class education. Oxford has 34 colledges and about 12 000 students, amny of them from other countries.
West of England is rich farming country.

Is a hilly country. It inclues Orkneys, Shetlands, Hebrides.
It is known for its fishing, shipbuilding. It is a land of mountains, lakes and romantic castles. Farmers keep sheep and there are many small factories which make fine sweaters from their wool.
Scotish people are very proud on their heritage and culture.
There are special traditions :
- playing bagpipes
- wearing kilt
There are many whisky destilleries with a long traditions.
Edindurgh – capital
Glasgow – the largest town in Scotland, important port
Aberdeen – port

Is hilly country with pretty valleys. Wales has plenty of industry as well as sheep farms. People love music and poetry and their langusge. The name of the Welsh village even has 58 letters. It is probably the longest word at all. The Welsh have their own national teams in football and rugby.
Cardiff – capital

Northern Ireland
- has its problems (fights between protestants and catholics) but it has beauty, too.
Belfast – capital, large industrial port

Irish republic (EIRE) is an independent state and it does not belong to United Kingdom.
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