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obchodný list - ponuka (offer)

Kenvelo Ltd.
Manhattan street 456/52, Liverpool 056 32, England
Telephone: 698 36 9661
Fax : 698 36 96

Rokokoy, a.s. 3rd March 2004
Tajovského 16
040 01 Košice 1
Slovak Republic

Dear Miss or Madam

Our company would like to thank you for your enquiry of January 30th 2004.

Our company co-operate with many companies, which sell our Jeans. They are very satisfied with our product. Our Jeans are made from high quality cotton and we have a lot of different kinds of Jeans.

We believe that you will be satisfied with our products. We are also sending you a price list and catalogue with this letter. Please, write to us again if you have any questions, or call us on the above telephone number. Your sincerely

Elvira Smith (Ms)
Sales Director.

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