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obchodný list - žiadosť o prijatie do zamestnania (applying for a position)

John Hastings
Manhattan street 456/52, Liverpool 056 32, England
Telephone: 698 36 9661
Fax : 698 36 9662

Jana Liptáková 15th March 2004
Fábryho 20
040 22 Košice 22
Slovak Republic

Dear Mrs Hastings

With references to yoour advertisment in the SME of 12th March. I would like to apply for the vacancy as accountant, in your firm.

I am 19 years old. I attended the basic school, the secondary school and passed ma school – leaving exam with very good results.

Since leaving school I have had two vocabulary work. I speak and write English quiete well.

I should be very pleased to come for an interview at any time convenlent to you.

Your faithfully

Jana Liptáková.

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