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Antivírusový systém NOD32 + preklad
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Antivirus software without regular updates merely creates the illusion of protection - it doesn't really protect.

§ Checks for updates of the system at user-defined intervals and automatically upgrades the virus database, scanner, and other components when needed. § 99% of the updates do not require a reboot. § Incremental updates of the virus database minimize network congestion. § Automatic intelligent update on dial-up computers. § Supports proxy servers (Basic and NTLM authentication). § Provides origin authentication of downloaded update files via digital signature. § Supports getting updates from a local site without accessing Internet, such as for a server within a LAN. § The upgrade system can be configured to reflect a multilevel hierarchy and/or other needs of a large company / organization. § Creates updates to a floppy or CD for PCs which are not connected to the network. § Configuration settings can be inherited (distributed) to local workstations from the administrator's computer. § Provides the option to use a configuration file to set system parameters across the network during initial installation and/or subsequent updates. § Supports "silent mode" on the end-user workstations: system notification messages are forwarded to administrator only. § Allows settings to be password protected. AMON
AMON is an on-access scanner for Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP. Even though it is at full alert it works silently in the background, and you will probably not even notice its presence until it denies access to an infected file and pops up a warning window.

§ Prevents opening and launching infected files. § Scans floppy boot sector upon access and during shutdown. § Works in the Terminal Server environment. § Allows settings to be password protected. § Can disinfect files automatically on the fly. § Notifications of infection or errors over network or via e-mail using SMTP protocol. § Can be installed on a server. § Automatic execution upon system startup. § Based on the same technology as the on-demand scanner.
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