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Cinema and movies
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I think cinema is very good thing. It is a window to another world, to ideal world, where good wins and evil is defeated. It is only place in our world, where you are really free, and it doesn’t matter that it is just for a short time. It is a place, where troubles are just in movie and it’s hero, who is searching the world for peace freedom. You are just his companion on his way, you feel his feelings but you don’t have to solve his troubles. It’s his bussiness.
I like cinema. It’s a place, where I can go for fun. Some friends call me cinema-maniac, because I go to cinema every week, sometimes more then once. It’s just because I love films. Movie gives you chance to see another world, to see world by eyes of anyone other. It doesn’t matter if it is world you will never see again, it is world you live in for one or two hours. Movies make you believe that heroes really exist, that good is really immortal and you leave cinema with good feelings. It’s just fantastic. But, of course, you have to know, which movie is good and which is absolutely stupid. If movie is unreal, it doesn’t mean that it is stupid. Unreal world is just an ideal world for director and if vision of the director is good, you can’t tell it doesn’t make sense. And it’s stupid when the movie doesn’t make sense.
Good movie is like a puzzle. It is consisted of many parts, like actors, tale, script, director, music, costums and many others. But most important parts are: actors, director, tale and, of course, hero. Actors are people, who makes the film really believable. If they feel their heroes, they are doing great and you can believe them. You believe hero anything he says.
Director is the beginning if all. He has idea, he makes script, and he finds actors. He tries to lead them. He tells them what to do and how to act it. Tale is a part, that represents the unreal world. You know, what hero must do, what he has to sacrifice for it and who he will stand against. And of course, hero is very important part of movie. Hero is usually the one, with whose eyes you see that unreal world and he is usually the one, who never loses. He is defeated, but he doesn’t give up and he returns to face his enemy.
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