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Erika, Erik
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8 mile
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8 mile

The last film I’ve seen was 8 mile. The biggest star of 8 mile is Eminem, Britany Murphy and Kim Basinger. I think it’s a bit boring film. The story is about a boy called Rabbit who want to win a rap contest, but he’s too shy to even start to sing. Also he has problems with his mother, girlfriend, sister, friends and with his job. The whole plot is about “how genial is this boy and how misery life he has”. The end of 8 mile is happy. Rabbit won a contest for recording album and his mother has won the bingo. I don’t like this film much. As I said in beginning it was a bit boring film for me. The one of the things I realy liked on that film was music. Eminem has made a great job and thanks to that he’s won an Oskar for the best music in film. I think that this film is good to see, but only once and no more.
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