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Town or Country? Pros and Cons
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Since I was born I have been living in a village. At first, our family, my mum, dad, my brother and I, lived with our grandparents in their house in a small village. I lived there till my sixth birthday and as I can remember it was a life full of children´s games, friends and happiness, because we were so carefree and took things easy. After that, we moved to the town(formally a town), which could also be categorized among bigger villages. So I haven´t changed the environment so much. Although I have to admit I have never tried living in a proper town or a city and don´t know much about it, I probably wouldn´t change my way and style of living. But let me start from the beginning and have a detached look at both possibilities.

Living in a town surely brings to everybody lots of advantages. When I look at it from my position, as a young person who starts her career and also wants to get more education and knowledge, a city or a bigger town is exactly what I need. First of all, a town appears to us as a great supply of vacancies.  That´s why cities usually have the lowest rate of unemployment. I´m not saying everybody finds a job of his dreams there, but when you look for a work, you are definitely closer to finding it in a town. Unless, though, you want to work at a farm. I think, it has been here within living memory. Rural people have been moving to cities to find their luck in a form of some kind of a job. Secondly, the other essential thing is education. And where can we find most of high schools and universities? Yes, in towns and cities, which are then full of young studying people.  And all of these influences also the social life in cities.

As towns are bigger not only by their area, but also by a number of inhabitants, there is a need of more improved social life. Extended sport centres, night clubs, theatres, cinemas and other cultural centres fill up spare time of people not only living in the core of it, but also in suburbs and nearby villages. The other advantage of a town is certainly a higher standard of health service, including hospitals, first aid stations and specialists among doctors. Lastly mentioned merit, but surely not last in reality, is a wide area network of markets, shops and large shopping centres, which, by dividing goods into many departments under one roof, save to buyers a lot of time.
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